Frequently Asked Questions – Terms and Condition (Pricing , M.O.Q, Sampling , Shipping )

No, all of the prices which have been quoted in the catalogue are only valid for the 20 FCL Shipments and FOB Karachi Port. However, for placing orders on smaller quantities, you are requested to mention the quotes along with the quantities you need to order and the product codes.

The minimum order should be of 20 feet container quantities for the Art Craft Items which is supposed to be 500 Pieces/Design which also includes Himalayan Salt Lamps, Candle Holders, Cooking Salt Plates, Salt Inhalers, Detox SPA, Massage Stones etc. However, for the minimum order quantity for the Himalayan Salt items, the order should be of 24 Metric Ton for FCL.

Himalayan salt lamps have existed since many years and people are now aware of their miracles and advantages that can help them in many ways. A Himalayan salt lamp helps to cure breathing issues such as sinus, dust allergies, fatigue and etc. RMSALT is the best option for purchasing genuine salt. It assures you to provide you with quality pure Himalayan salt. Come learn with us some interesting details about Himalayan salt and from where they originate!

Real Himalayan crystal salt is obtained from the foothills of Himalayan mountain range in Tibet. People living nearby the salty range had experienced its miracles and benefits so, now it’s a chance for you to experience it. Better breathing, spontaneity and increased energy are some of the miracles of Himalayan salt. Intake of this salt leads towards better health and healing. Since salt is a requirement of the body to perform chemical reactions hence, it makes individuals feel more fresh and energetic.

RM SALT had used gentle methods of extraction in order to obtain the best quality of salt. However, other companies focus over extracting salt by means of explosive methods so that extraction can be done faster and in a cheaper way. RM salt assures their valuable customers for providing top quality of salt for which use hand mining methods extracting salt.  RM salts gives priority to customer satisfaction and their health.

The process that is involved in changing unhealthy positive ions to healthy negative ions is very simple. The moisture found in the air is absorbed by the salt lamp. The positive ions are made harmless for our customers and lamp elevates any negative ions in the air. We have conducted in depth research before extraction of salt and it was evident that the negative ions also help individuals in breathing and asthma. Himalayan salt lamps consist of natural ions which clean the air in the atmosphere. A soft cloth is used to clean the extra moisture that is build up on lamps. Observations had suggested that individulas tend to purchase salt lamps in bulk for their home as they make them feel more comfortable in terms of gaining fresher air and better mood. RM SALT focuses over customer satisfaction and their well-being hence; it is one-stop solution for avoiding mood swings!

Himalayan Salt Lamps and Home Décor

Salt Lamps are widely used by people as part of their home décor item. It is available in almost every shape, size and colour. The beautiful fragrance and the ambiance that it creates attracts people to purchase it instantly. They are available in many colours like orange, reds and yellows. The size of the room is considered while selecting the size of Himalayan lamps. With the large size of lamps, it creates better negative ions in the room. The salt lamps are also available in several shapes like seashells, pyramids, sphere and rose shaped. Their outer edges of the salt lamps are decorated with beautiful and intrinsic healing stones and salt crystals.

The benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are not limited to any one person and anyone can benefit from it as long at glows and spreads positivity around.  It is one of the natural remedies for curing breathing and other issues like bronchitis and allergies. Individuals suffering from severe nasal allergies had benefitted from the use of salt lamps.  Individuals had also shared their opinion that a Himalayan salt lamp makes it easier for them to sleep if it is placed around them. Since it is an all-natural product, people who lead stressful lives had experienced joyful feelings. People that had breathing issues felt more relaxed and calm after keeping salt lamps around them. SpiritualQuest Salt lamps provide a one-time solution for allergies and sinus.  When atmosphere is full of fresh air so, people feel light, easy and stress free.


Salt Cave therapy is an old traditional way for curing respiratory diseases, enhances glowing skin and strengthens the immune system. Himalayan Salt therapy is used to benefit from natural healing process found in halotherapy. It is unique way of conducting salt therapy through man made salt cave. Different allergies and diseases are cured because of it such as whooping cough, tonsillitis, ear infection, asthma and bronchitis.

When Himalayan salt is directly inhaled, it absorbs moisture while it travels through the respiratory system and cleanses as well as clears mucus.  It is a widely accepted fact that Himalayan salt is claimed as having anti-inflammatory properties and helps to loosen mucus and further helps to treat asthma. Many studies had revealed that people, who experience respiratory conditions and skin disorders, can gain benefits from salt therapies if taken on regular basis. RM SALT is beneficial for those who wish to lead a stress and mucus free life.

Moreover, not only this, but it also helps to cure respiratory diseases and common cold and flu. Children and adults who experience several types of respiratory diseases and other kind of cold and Flu can take advantage from Salt cave therapy. Apart from this, halotherapy also benefits skin related issues such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.  When the level of stress is reduced through the production of negative ions therefore immune system is also boosted.

It has to be taken under consideration that Halotherapy is a 100% natural and safe drug free treatment. It provides long term relief for curing various minor diseases and is also used for replacement for medications. Children under the age of 15 years can also benefit from this and reduce their day to day cold and flu issues. Himalayan Salt room provides tranquillity and peace to the heart and creates a soothing atmosphere around. Salt therapy sessions are maximised through halo-chambers. The dark room covers Himalayan salt around to provide individuals with joyful experience. Many experts of Halo-therapy from Poland had helped to create the real atmosphere that is needed by individuals for relaxing.  While breathing in Himalayan Salt, people feel stress free and relaxed. Soothing power of Himalayan salt air heals each body part. The duration of the therapy is of 50 minutes where it provides people with a lifetime experience.