Tungar Salt – Rock Salt Manufacturers and Exporter

Our production of rock salt is primarily from Pakistan which is perhaps one of the best across the globe in terms of quality and purity.

It has been observed that the level of purity of rock salt found in Pakistan region can be up to 99% which undoubtedly makes Pakistan an excellent country for rock salt production. Hence, being based in exceptional rock salt production region and the crystal clear vision makes the Tungar Salt an excellent rock salt manufacturer and exporter.


Customers Are Our Top Priority

At Tungar Salt, customers are at the top of our priority list. We are one of the most reliable rock salt manufacturers and are dedicated to delivering rock salt related products within the stipulated time without compromising on the quality. In the last couple of years, our company has seen a significant and rapid growth and this allowed us to reach and conquer markets in different parts of the globe including becoming the bulk rock salt supplier in the USA. Being a bulk rock salt supplier, our mission is to provide complete satisfaction to our customers in order to establish long term customers. We believe the excellence of service is not only measured by customers’ appreciation, but also through repeated customers.As far as quality is concerned, Tungar Salt places extra emphasize on quality. Hence, our quality control standards are quite strict in order to make sure that our customers get the best possible quality. At RM Salt, during the manufacturing process, proper inspections are being carried out and our customers are informed regularly on the progress of their orders. Therefore, in recent years, we are able to develop good relations with our customers across the world while meeting their specific requirements.

Premium Quality

The teams and management staff of RM Salt are entitled to adhere to the standard quality of control with vital austerity with the trivial probabilities of compromises in the quality of products. It is the prior responsibility of the company to deliver quality products to the customers which can outstrip their expectations.

RMSalt is well focused towards enhancing the quality of the products facilitated to the customers throughout the manufacturing process by bringing the element of effective supply chain and raw material for the manufacturing of the products. In this essence, our team of expert craftsmen takes the responsibility for selecting the Rock Salt which is of the best quality, graded in different sizes and colours which are hence contrived according to the expectations of our valued customers.

The team of experts in the company have devoted the resources and time in order to ensure that the quality of products not only meets the expectations of the customers but also adheres to the compliance of the International Standards. In this regard, we are vouched with the CE certificates that speak for the facilitation of our quality products to the clientele. Presently, we are serving our global customers by the Just-in-Time method which includes the customer base from Canada, USA, and the European Union Countries on the market competitive prices.

We have also contracted with the large-scale importers, Wholesale and Supermarket Stores to frequently supply them with our quality products conferring to their requirements.