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Tungar Salts

Our production of rock salt is primarily from Pakistan which is perhaps one of the best across the globe in terms of quality and purity. It has been observed that the level of purity of rock salt found in Pakistan region can be up to 99% which undoubtedly makes Pakistan an excellent country for rock salt production. Hence, being based in exceptional rock salt production region and the crystal clear vision makes the Tungar Salt an excellent rock salt manufacturer and exporter.

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The vision of Tungar Salt is to deliver quality products at a very competitive price.

We are rock salt manufacturer and exporter and our products are delivered to different parts of the world. In particular, the Tungar Salt is one of the leading rock salt exporters in the USA. The primary goal of our company is to ensure customer satisfaction and to achieve this; we strive to deliver quality products as per customers’ requirements.

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Tungar Salt being the leading amongst the salt suppliers , have been registered with several government departments. Our credits are also verified by international institutions like A&V. We have also a membership of “Gold suppliers” on Alibaba We are also registered with

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